About Brandon Yoga Center



The Brandon Yoga Center is centered in a historic 1880’s farmhouse alongside Route 7 north of Brandon. The conversion into a state-of-the-art studio used ‘green’ building techniques and the air purification and recirculation, humidity control and heating units are controlled by the most sophisticated computer system for yoga studios. The Brandon Yoga Center is handicapped-accessible.

The studio has one shower, one bathroom, and Women’s and Men’s changing rooms and lockers. There is a separate sitting area where you can cool down, chat, enjoy a cup of tea or juice while you delight in the beautiful landscape.

Retail area (yoga wear, mats, towels and more)


Our high efficiency specialty heating system optimizes the control of temperature, humidity, and fresh-air, delivering a heated and safe yoga experience for you. The system refreshes the air in the room regularly to maintain a healthy environment, minimizes undesirable chilling sensations and prevents conditions in which your body cannot cool itself sufficiently during your yoga practice. It refreshes the air after each class and continuously disinfects the air from germs, viruses, and all living organisms.


Please arrive on time, ready to practice. We understand life happens. If you are running late, please call the front desk, so we can set up a mat for you. Being here on time is both for your safety, and out of deference to other students and teacher.

The Teachers

Judit Schneider

Judit Schneider has a deep passion for teaching and practicing yoga.  She started her yoga journey in 2009 when she was suffering with tremendous back pain and severe arthritis. She made Bikram (Hot) yoga a daily practice. As she healed her body, she wanted to share her experience and love for yoga with others.

In 2013, Judit became a certified Bikram Yoga instructor. She was curious about the other forms of yoga and full of passion to expand her knowledge of yoga philosophy and meditation. So, Judit completed her 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training with Ben Wisch, in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ and then an additional 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training with Jody Domerstad, in Glen Rock, NJ. She holds certification in Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga as a part of her 300-hour training. Judit completed the Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher Training in January 2017 and she holds Power Pilates Core Mat I certification. Judit is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share the gift of yoga and Pilates with others.

Judit particularly enjoys being out in nature, where she finds peace and joy and spiritual satisfaction. Besides practicing yoga and Pilates, she loves hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, biking. skiing and riding a horse.

Grace Tung

Grace Tung has been teaching the Bikram Yoga series since 2003. She started practicing the series in 1998 when she was 40 years old. So, although she was not a spring chicken, she had an open mind and a willing spirit. A New Hampshire native, she has lived and taught in California and Texas and throughout northern New Jersey. She also opened and operated Bikram Yoga Cedar Knolls but sold it to return to her New England roots to care for an elderly parent.


"We all have a *something*… bad knees, back pain, arthritis, excess weight, inflexibility, diabetes, heart disease, and/or stressful jobs, just to name a few. Just come for your first class. We all start somewhere. Don't force yourself into a posture, and never allow yourself to feel suffering or self-criticism. Instead, practice with patience and consistency. Your body will open up when it is ready. Everyone can practice yoga. I've taught students with cerebral palsy, rods in their spines and artificial knees, hips and shoulders. Other studios have students who are paraplegic, quadriplegic, missing one or two limbs … yes, we all have a *something.*

Stacie Ramsey

Stacie Ramsey has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 20 years. She is passionate about yoga and sharing its profound effects on mind, body and spirit! She is certified in four different styles of yoga, including Bikram Yoga which she discovered in Aspen in 2002.

Stacie knew immediately that she resonated with the Bikram practice and wanted to teach it. As a lover of sports and a very active person herself, she quickly recognized the numerous benefits and therapeutic aspects of the Bikram series and wanted to share them with others. She also appreciated that the practice was accessible to everyone regardless of age, weight, health, or physical limitations. Leaving her telecommunications job in 2002 to attend training in Los Angeles, Stacie became a certified Bikram Yoga instructor in 2003 and began teaching full time. She continues to love the practice and reap its tremendous health benefits.

And while Stacie has earned Yoga Alliance’s highest credentials as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500-hour level, she continues to explore various forms of yoga, meditation and exercise to enhance her teaching and expand her knowledge. To that end, Stacie underwent Inferno Hot Pilates High Intensity Interval training (HIIT) in May 2017 to obtain her HIIT certification.

She emphasizes the fundamentals of breath, body awareness, being present and overcoming self-imposed limitations. One of her most fulfilling moments as a teacher is when students discover something new and unexpected about themselves.

Stacie lives with her husband, Wayne Henderson, in Madison, NJ. They love to be active, scuba dive and travel the world exploring other cultures.

Laura Eisdorfer

As a practicing clinical psychologist for the past 30 years, Laura Eisdorfer's yoga classes offer a nuanced understanding of how the body and mind are linked.
Her experience working with patients gives her an understanding of the subtle and profound ways that yoga creates opportunities to learn self compassion and shift self perception.  Laura's classes provide a safe and comfortable environment that encourages students to simultaneously honor and gently challenge the boundaries they have always held for themselves.  Her teaching emphasizes that we are all so much more than we believe ourselves to be. Through the alignment of breath and movement, Laura helps students deepen and expand their connection to themselves and the world around them.


Laura is adept at teaching to different levels, introducing yoga to beginners and inspiring more advanced students to discover something new in each pose. Most recently Laura has been enamored with the amazing response students have had to chair yoga, and enjoys helping her students get maximum benefit from this form of yoga.

Laura received her 200 hour training from Ben Wisch and Denise DeLucca, and her 300 hours with Jody Domerstad, and honed her therapeutic yoga skills in trainings with Charlotte Stone. She is a proud volunteer for Kula for Karma, a nonprofit organization that provides therapeutic yoga to special poluations and currently offers chair yoga to patients at Hackensack University Medical Center through Kula's program.

Danielle Saborino

Danielle discovered yoga several year ago after getting injured during her dance academy years in Oslo. She immediately fell in love with yoga and it's beautiful history, philosophy and healing practices. Since she's taken her 200h in Vinyasa yoga and extended training in Restorative and Yoga Nidra, as well as Yogastrology and Reiki Level 1.

She has taught at Bårdar, the dance academy she used to dance at, in Oslo Norway and Swami's Yoga Retreat in Sydney Australia. She is now traveling the world learning, teaching and healing, where she can. She has experience with all kinds of people and wants to help anybody who finds it hard to relax and let go.