What is Thyroid Yoga®?

Thyroid Yoga® is a healing practice that infuses wisdom from Western and Eastern medical perspectives to create a total healing approach with deep roots in integrative medicine and intuitive self-healing. The methodology integrates Kundalini Yoga, Katonah Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Breath Work, Meditation, and Essential Oils for a total, full-body, mind, and spiritual approach to sustained health. Each class is created to provide balance to the nervous system and to invite your body to recalibrate, ultimately promoting more efficient function to the entire glandular system.
The asanas specifically target your thyroid, adrenals, lungs, liver, and lymphatic system to facilitate an instant feeling of rejuvenation, energy, and mental clarity.

We offer an in-studio personalized, one-on-one six week-package: “Yoga for Thyroid” to restore, renew, refresh, and re-calibrate your thyroid gland.
You will explore your body’s interconnected glandular system while you are in yoga poses and learn how your body’s systems work in harmony and synchronized to balance the power of the universe. You will learn the importance of your thyroid and lungs as master organs of your body.
Acquire a revitalizing Yoga flow practice that you can continue at home on your own.
Please, contact the studio for further information.