Dear Yoga Community

Thank you for supporting our studio as we continue support you. It's never been more important to maintain your physical, mental, and emotional health. We are offering Chair yoga classes online every Tuesday and Friday 10:30 -11:30AM.

You will be asked to download and follow those instructions on your device.

Once you open, you will make the choice to join with or without video. You may join without video to practice with privacy or join with video so your teacher can see you. Don't worry, your microphone is automatically muted so your noise will not be heard unless you “unmute" yourself.
It is important that you stay muted within Zoom during the class but keep the volume on your computer or device way up so you can hear your teacher.

Please use the chat feature within Zoom to communicate with your teacher or with other students in class.
Enjoy your class!

This is the way to stay connected and hold yourself and your community accountable during this time.
Health and happiness,