The answer is very simple: yoga makes you feel good. It's relaxing. It's energizing. It's strengthening. You feel better at the end of the session than before you began. Life runs more smoothly when you maintain a consistent discipline than when you don't. Yoga enhances your experience of life. It changes your perspective. You gain a more accurate conception of who you are and how life works. You start seeing things differently which results in more peace of mind, better health, more enthusiasm for life, and an ever-growing authentic sense of inner well-being.

As you practice yoga and meditation regularly, this sense of feeling becomes so pervasive, so natural, so much a part of you. You will also notice many physical benefits. The three most obvious are the immediate increase in your balance, strength, and flexibility. The exercises purify and heal your body, promote radiant health, and increase your mental stamina by training your mind to concentrate and sustain a focused attention. You experience stillness and peace.