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Welcome to Brandon Yoga Center!


“You’re never too old, never too bad, never too late and never too sick to start from the scratch once again.”     /Bikram/


Brandon Yoga Center is here to offer a variety of type of Yoga, Meditation and Pilates classes for you!

Born out of a love for deep transformation, Brandon Yoga Center is committed to meeting you where you are and taking you forward to where and WHO you want to be. Yoga is a special discipline that helps you attain physical fitness through ancient techniques of movement and meditation.

Brandon Yoga Center

We invite you to share our space, roll out your mat and practice one breath at a time. Your practice is a journey towards better health and we are here to assist you along the way.


Yoga makes you feel good. It's relaxing. It's energizing. It's strengthening. You feel better at the end of the session than before you began. Life runs more smoothly when you maintain a consistent discipline than when you don't.


A room heated to 105 degrees and 40% humidity. Work your body from the inside out and feel great. Burn fat, tone your body and increase your stamina. All levels are welcome.


Vinyasa is a "flow" style of yoga in which you link one movement into the next while being conscious of your breath. This yoga class will help you to release the stress and tension you store in your body while becoming stronger and more flexible. It will help you move past old limitations and negative thinking.



The answer is very simple: yoga makes you feel good. It's relaxing. It's energizing. It's strengthening. You feel better at the end of the session than before you began. Life runs more smoothly when you maintain a consistent discipline than when you don't.  Yoga enhances your experience of life. It changes your perspective. You gain a more accurate conception of who you are and how life works. You start seeing things differently which results in more peace of mind, better health, more enthusiasm for life, and an ever-growing authentic sense of inner well-being.

As you practice yoga and meditation regularly, this sense of feeling becomes so pervasive, so natural, so much a part of you. You will also notice many physical benefits. The three most obvious are the immediate increase in your balance, strength, and flexibility. The exercises purify and heal your body, promote radiant health, and increase your mental stamina by training your mind to concentrate and sustain a focused attention.  You experience stillness and peace.


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For those, not able to get down on the floor to do a traditional mat yoga class, Chair Yoga offers wonderful health benefits! You enjoy more energy, more flexibility in your joints while lowering the stress in your body.


We offer now Hot yoga, the original Bikram Yoga Beginning Series classes. The 90-minute classes suited for students of all ages and levels of ability- beginners and more experienced students alike!


This is your deeply relaxing style of yoga practice. It is a receptive practice, not an active practice. In restorative yoga, poses are held from five to as long as twenty minutes


The benefits of Pilates – called Contrology by Joseph Pilates – are summed up nicely in this quote from its creator: “Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.”

Pilates, now a household name, can help you stand taller and move and look better in a relatively short time.  Anyone at any age and with almost any condition can perform the exercises easily. Pilates is practiced worldwide to help people rehabilitate from injuries, increase flexibility and strength, and improve their overall health and wellness.

With a regular Pilates practice you can develop body awareness, you will notice you have built strength. This strength is gained in long and lean muscles.

Also, it increases overall flexibility of your body and limbs. This in turn helps with ease of movement, improving movement and decreasing tightness in the back, hips, and shoulder areas.

Core strengthening is one of the biggest goals and benefits in Pilates as everything is generated and conducted from the center, or powerhouse, of your body. If you build a strong powerhouse, then strong limbs and organs naturally develop.

As you practice, you notice the improvement of your overall posture. A small difference in posture -moving your head and neck slightly back and up, rolling back your shoulders, lifting your rib cage off the hips – can make a huge difference in your outside appearance and in the way, you move. You will notice you feel better and move with more ease. Good posture can help alleviate some back pain almost immediately, and this is wonderful about Pilates!


Yoga and Pilates practice complement each other. You build flexibility and strength in yoga classes and add amazing strong core muscles from Pilates classes to have better balancing or inversion postures.

Pilates works the muscles on the outside and inside of the thighs which keeps your legs more stable in yoga classes.

The more you practice Pilates, the more your body will strengthen for yoga.


What Does Mind-Body Connection


The mind-body conection refers to how the brain and thoughts influence the body and its functions. It is well known that the health of the mind affects the health of the body. Mind-body medicine works with practices that can improve health, such as relaxation, meditation, and yoga.
The science of yoga does not see mind and body as two different things. Many studies have tried to determine the effectiveness of yoga as a complementary intervention for cancer, schizophrenia, asthma, and heart disease.


Mind-Body Connection


The mind-body connection and refer to ways of improving the physical state through good mental health. Good mind-body connection leads to strength, knowledge and health.
Qualities, such as happiness, calmness, openness, generousity and so on, relax the mind and that improves the state of the physical body.
Yoga practice deals not only with the physical body: its purpose is to work with the mind as well. Some yoga poses both stimulate and still the brain as well as activate and energize the vital organs. It is also known that practicing yoga influences the chemistry in the brain, leading to improved mental health.
Yoga also works with awareness. Being aware of the mind and body during the practice helps with the mind and body awareness in everyday life.


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