Brandon Yoga Center offers Reiki energy healing sessions by appointment.  

We currently offer Sliding Scale Pricing, $25-$75 (cash or check). Pay what works for you, no questions asked!

Each session is about an hour, however, if a half hour session is what you crave, we can certainly accommodate that. 

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The Reiki Room

Just beyond the yoga studio, lies the transformed space now known as the Reiki Room.  This comfortable, heated and relaxing place is perfect for you to melt into the table and begin to release old patterns and stories that no longer serving you.

The table is also heated (or not) whichever you prefer.

Come see for yourself and experience a deep release of whatever you have been carrying around that is no longer supporting your highest self.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique formalized by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. Reiki is the channeling of life force energy (prana) to help balance the body's own energy flow.  Reiki does not directly cure disease or illness, rather, the rebalancing of the body's energy during a Reiki session may help alleviate symptoms and improve general well-being. Much like yoga, Reiki allows our energy to move more freely through the body.

Reiki is non-invasive and administered by the gentle placement of hands either directly on the body or just above.

The benefits of Reiki range and include but are not limited to, reduced pain and anxiety, better quality of sleep and overall sense of relaxation, better focus and clarity of mind.

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What to expect during a Reiki session.

I offer half hour sessions and one hour sessions for two reasons.

  1. We all have budgetary constraints
  2. We all have busy schedules

Both options are beneficial. A half hour session allows me to work one side of your physical body (front or back)

An hour sessions allows me to work both sides of your physical body (front AND back)

~ Recipients of Reiki stay fully dressed and can either lay down on the massage table, or sit in a chair (whatever is most comfortable for you).

~ The Reiki practitioner will gently place his or her hands over certain areas of the body (no-touch sessions can be arranged if that is most comfortable for you).

~ You may feel gentle heat coming from the practitioner's hands, maybe a cooling feeling, maybe a tingling feeling. That is the life force energy at work.

~ Reiki is non-invasive, safe, and flows lovingly where it is needed.

~ Much like Yoga, Reiki allows our energy to move more freely through us.

Think of your energy like a beautiful stream.  If the water becomes blocked or stuck, what happens? It becomes stagnant and may become harmful. But if the water in the stream can continue to flow freely, it remains clean, clear, purified, and nourishing. Reiki allows our energy to move more freely, like a beautiful stream.

When our energy is stuck and stagnant, it can affect our mood, our sleeping pattern, our clarity of mind and more.  When we open ourselves to energy work, such as Reiki, we allow the practitioner to channel prana (universal life force energy) to help align, clear, and balance the energy we hold within. Benefits range from simply feeling more relaxed, to alleviating anxiety or depression.  Reiki is NOT intended as a substitute for professional medical attention. Rather, Reiki can be a great way to help the body, mind, and spirit through your healing journey.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call Melanie.

(802) 774-8790


Melanie Redel

My journey with Reiki began in 2007 when I simply became curious about this healing modality. It seemed to keep showing up in random ways.  One day I was seated next to a lovely woman at a talk in New York City. When the talk was over she and I started chatting.  “Coincidentally” she was a Reiki practitioner and invited me for a session. I felt as though it was a sign from the universe and shortly thereafter called her for an appointment.

My first Reiki session was profound.  It felt more like a massage for my soul than anything else.  I felt a wonderful sense of release that was unfamiliar to me at the time.  Within a few short days I felt a shift within that made me a little more aware of my body. I then began to make healthier choices which ultimately led me to find a Reiki Master who attuned me to practice this energy work and help others on their journey. In my spare time I volunteered by offering Reiki at various cancer centers and hospice facilities.

Reiki (and Yoga) helped me stayed centered (and sane) throughout a stressful career in cybersecurity.

Several years ago while living on Maui, I decided it was time to retire from cyber crime and pour my energy into the healing arts.  I became a Yoga teacher and now offer Yoga and Reiki to the Brandon Yoga Center community.

I teach Yoga and practice Reiki because it brings me joy to help others find joy!

Click here to schedule a session or call, text, or email Melanie for additional information.  (802) 774-8790