The Brandon Yoga Center is centered in a historic 1880’s farmhouse alongside Route 7 north of Brandon. The conversion into a state-of-the-art studio used ‘green’ building techniques and the air purification and recirculation, humidity control and heating units are controlled by the most sophisticated computer system for yoga studios. The Brandon Yoga Center is handicapped-accessible.

The studio has one shower, one bathroom, and Women’s and Men’s changing rooms and lockers. There is a separate sitting area where you can cool down, chat, enjoy a cup of tea or juice while you delight in the beautiful landscape.

Heating System

Our high efficiency specialty heating system optimizes the control of temperature, humidity, and fresh-air, delivering a heated and safe yoga experience for you. The system refreshes the air in the room regularly to maintain a healthy environment, minimizes undesirable chilling sensations and prevents conditions in which your body cannot cool itself sufficiently during your yoga practice. It refreshes the air after each class and continuously disinfects the air from germs, viruses, and all living organisms.


  • Be on time. If you are running late call the front desk.
  • Avoid heavy perfume, cologne and make-up.
  • Try to stay in class for the entire time.
  • Shoes are to be left in the lobby area.
  • Leave all personal belongings (keys, cell phones) in cubbies or lockers.
  • Advise instructor of any injuries before class.