Judit Schneider

Hi, I'm Judit!
It was a long way for me from being a medical librarian in Europe, then an au pair to a personal chef in NY. My journey to wellness and personal growth led me to my dream career of becoming a yoga studio owner in VT.
I started on my yoga journey in 2009 when I was suffering with tremendous back pain and severe arthritis. I made Hot Yoga-the original Bikram Yoga – my daily practice and changed my traditional diet to a “crazy vegan” one.
As I healed my body and soul, my passion for yoga was growing along with an intense desire to share my experience with the whole world. In 2013, after 500 hours of training, I became a certified Bikram Yoga instructor. My curiosity led me to research other styles of yoga, meditation, and yoga philosophy. I completed 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training with the highly regarded teacher, Ben Wisch in NJ, and then an additional 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training with Jody Domerstad. In January 2017, I completed the Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher Training and Pilates Mat Training, NY. And in 2018, I completed training in Thyroid Yoga®.

Why did I create the Brandon Yoga Center?

Brandon is a very beautiful place between the gorgeous mountains, with kind and charming people, with blossoming art in the heart of nature. We found here everything that made us complete: family, nature, peace, joy, love and spiritual satisfaction. My deep passion for teaching and practicing yoga gave us the idea for create a place to the community to join me and build a better life.
That is why Brandon Yoga Center was born. Brandon Yoga Center is a refuge of calmness and beauty and a place where I can share my yoga experience with others seeking health and peace. Please join us to enjoy all the many benefits of practicing yoga.
I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share my experience with you.

Melanie Redel

Vinyasa, Gentle Yoga, Restorative , and Yin

Melanie has been practicing various forms of yoga for over 20 years.
While living on the Hawaiian island of Maui, she felt called to study the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy and become a teacher.
Melanie offers her students a mindful class that encourages the connection of breath, movement and alignment.
Each class weaves in the fundamental principles of the yoga path, leaving her students feeling balanced, mind, body, and spirit.
Melanie is also a reiki master and has volunteered as an energy worker at various centers to assist patients through their healing process.
She is registered with the Yoga Alliance as a RYT-200 teacher and has gone on to receive additional certifications in Restorative Yoga from Judith Hanson Lasater and Arhanta Academy.

Melissa Nicklaw

For pricing information please call or email

(802) 989-1495


Tai Chi Flow

For me, working as an instructor isn’t just a job, rather, I look at it as a natural outpouring of who I am as a person and what I love to do. It is a way to share my deep love of tai chi and my joy of movement with others in a profound way. There was a time in my life where I had to step outside of traditional methods of learning and practicing tai chi in order to find a creative solution using this ancient art form, alongside other healing modalities, to heal an injury. Initially I struggled with how to make this happen, but by believing in myself and exploring the use of my own creativity and natural curiosity, I was able to find healing. This acceptance allowed me to slowly foster a deep understanding of how powerful tai chi truly is. In my practice, I draw upon the wisdom of my teachers, as well as lessons learned from my own journey. Watching the effects of this practice slowly infuse calm and peace into the lives of others is extremely rewarding. 

When I think about tai chi in terms of my own life and for those individuals that I work with, I do not just see it as a practice, separate from life, instead, I view it as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle – well balanced, adaptable, fluid approach to living. I bring to my instruction an empathic, intuitive and supportive source of encouragement together with you on your own personal journey. Over the years, I’ve explored a variety of different movement arts in addition to practicing traditional tai chi. I have the ability to take others along a path of discovery while creating an environment that brings out the best in each of us.