The Yamas

The first limb of the 8 Limb Yoga Path. Guidelines for managing outer relationships. 

Moral disciplines.

Ahimsa– active practice of loving kindness (do no harm)

Satya– active effort to speak truth

Asteya– active awareness of taking only what is clearly and freely given

Brahmacharya– appropriate use of energy, intimacy with divine intent

Aparigraha– active effort of non-possessiveness, non-greed, and non-attachment.

We learn to respond with high intelligence of kindness, honesty, respect, purity, and charity.

The Niyamas

The second limb of the 8 Limb Yoga Path.

Personal commitments and observances.  

Saucha– active practice of creating cleanliness and order 

Santosha– active practice of contentment and satisfaction

Tapa– conscious cultivation of passion and clarity

Svadhyaya– practices of humble, honest, self-reflection

Ishvarapranidhana– trust that you are loved unconditionally and the way will be shown

We commit to cleanliness, contentment, clarity, self-reflection, and we trust life.